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A sit down with “The Elegant Jeweler” Mike


 I come from generations of diamond professionals, throughout my 35 plus years in the Jewelry and Diamond industry, I’ve always understood that you have to grow with the times and keep innovating and exploring the best possible options that are available for the consumer.

This is why I made the decision to carry Lab Grown Diamonds in my Elegant Jewelers Boutique located right here in the Woodbury Village Shopping Center.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

A lab grown diamond is exactly what it sounds like, A diamond grown in a Lab. In better terms, it has been manufactured in a controlled laboratory environment.

It contains the same chemical and physical attributes as an earth mined diamond, and comes 100% Certified through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Many people ask me... Are they real diamonds?

The answer is yes. Lab Grown Diamonds are THE REAL DEAL! They have shape, size, color and clarity grades, just like Natural Diamonds. They come with the same imperfections an earth mined diamond would have.

Lab vs. Natural - What does GIA say?

In the summer of 2019, GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Reports and identification reports no longer use the term “synthetic.” The GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report includes the standard GIA color, clarity and cut grading scales for reference purposes.”

Price Point

Part of the reason natural diamonds are so pricey is because of their complex and expensive mining operations. Think about how many “hands” it went through before reaching the consumer. All those hands have a price tag, and unfortunately that results in a huge price increase to the diamond that reaches the consumer.


What can be made with Lab Diamonds?

One of the most unique attributes that I provide my clients with is the ability to have them Custom Design their ideas into a beautiful piece of Jewelry.

Now we can create that piece of jewelry in a more affordable way for the consumer. We make diamond tennis necklaces, tennis bracelets, diamond hoops and earrings, eternity bands and unique diamond rings, and of course Engagement rings all available to be made using Lab Grown Diamonds.

 Our fully integrated approach provides any custom design you can imagine, putting an Elegant touch with every creation.

Feel free to visit our boutique and view our beautiful Diamond (Both Natural and Lab Grown) Selections.


Elegant Jewelers by Mike

Woodbury Village Shopping Center

7959 Jericho Tpke

Woodbury NY, 11797


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