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The Creation Of
Elegant Jewelers

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My Story

Growing up, my family and I emigrated from the former Soviet Union. Coming to America was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever faced, however I’ve overcome my adversity, persevered and ultimately prospered as a visionary in my field.

Since 1985, I have provided customers with a trustedhelpful and diversified shopping experience. 
When I started Elegant Jewelers, the vision was and still is for it to be more than a jewelry store. I’ve always believed that Jewelry, Diamonds and even Watches are so much more than just a purchase, it’s an experience. I believe that jewelry is to be experienced and enjoyed in an incredible setting. That is why I chose to create and design a Brand-New Luxury Jewelry Boutique that will give you the experience you deserve. 
I know that offering fine jewelry at a great price is only part of the story. I am fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience – I take pride in providing our clients with a full experience from the initial design, to renderings, diamond and metal selections providing our customers with an excellent education to make the right choices.

Yours Truly,  The Elegant Jeweler, Mike

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